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Submitting Programs For Review

Please submit a demo (sample) of the program to the Network General Manager. This demo must be a sample of the actual program (as opposed to a “kind of like this” program).

A letter of intent must be submitted with the program. The letter would include all of the following:

Contact information
Statement of Faith
Target audience
Goals of the program
Information on the program producer and host (biography, testimony, etc.)
Information on any association with an organization or church. (The letter must be submitted on the organization’s letter head.)
We must also know if the producer is willing to pay for air time.
Details on how the program will be delivered (CD, Satellite, FTP).
Once the General Manager receives the demo and letter of intent, the material will be submitted to the Mars Hill Network Program Committee for consideration. The process may take a few months as the material is discussed and reviewed.

If the program is accepted, the program producer will be notified.

All programs (paid and sustaining) require a contract before airing.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact our General Manager (Wayne Taylor) at 315-469-5051.

Demos should be sent to:

Mars Hill Network
General Manager
4044 Makyes Road
Syracuse, NY 13215

Note: all demos become the property of the Mars Hill Network.

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